We are simply a Veterans Association sharing riding as a common interest.

We are brothers and sisters that reach out to each other for camaraderie, support, and friendship.

Any person of good character who can provide

a DD 214 verifying combat service in the

armed forces, and owns and operates a motorcycle of at least 500cc's, is eligible for membership in the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Becoming a Member of the CVMA

Basic Eligibility

For more information on Joining the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Please visit our National Website and review the National By-Laws.

Support Members

Support members are individuals who have served in the Armed Forces but did not deploy to a combat area.  They are sponsored by full members and hold a key role in the success of our chapter's mission.

We are Not a Motorcycle Club.

We have No desire or intention

to become a Motorcycle Club.

Auxiliary Members

Auxiliary Members are the spouses of our Full Members.  Their support is vital to the success of every event that we hold and would not be able to do everything we do without their support and help.